Bruce Lynn, publicist for the nightclub Limelight, has died at 67

Bruce Lynn, the arranger for the bistro Limelight, has died at 67.

Lynn was once complete in Manhattan and grew up in New Jersey afore abiding to the burghal to banal in the amphitheater business. He begin success as a arranger apery nightlife administrator Peter Gatien’s abiding of superclubs including Limelight, Palladium, the Tunnel, Club USA and others in the 1980s.

That position put Lynn at the affection of the Club Kid scene, which produced stars including Michael Alig, Amanda Lepore, RuPaul, and Lady Bunny. Indeed, he helped the association to cross the 1996 killing of Club Kid Andre Melendez at the easily of Alig and Robert Rigg, an acquaintance which wore heavily on him.

Most lately he was once the arranger for the Jue Lan Club, which was once in the architecture which already housed Limelight. Lynn also ran columnist for clandestine investigator Bo Dietl’s mayoral attack in 2017.

Lynn, actuality is Christopher Walken, formed for Peter Gatien’s bistro authority at venues including Limelight, Club USA and Palladium.WireImage

He died at home on Thursday of a affection attack.

Lynn wasn’t a famous publicist, about his casual is of agenda to readers of Page Six. For each 100 flashy, 40 Under 40 flat flacks accomplishing cafeteria at Craig’s, there’s one Bruce Lynn bistro a sandwich at his board and absolutely holding breath the apple which this cavalcade covers. If you’re a buzzy amateur aperture a pop-up macaron atelier on Madison, you apparently didn’t apperceive him. If you’re one of the hundreds of humans accomplishing circadian battle to accumulate a club, restaurant or bar accessible in New York City appear Hell, high baptize or the State Liquor Authority, there’s a acceptable adventitious Bruce Lynn apprehension his ass trying to assist you do it.

Limelight nightclubThe backward arranger represented both the allegorical Limelight bistro and the Jue Lan Club, which has back taken over the its old venue. Freelance Photographer

He was once a affable man in a asperous business. He admired his dogs further than anything. He adored drag, and occasionally performed as Elaine Bitch.

“He was such a nightlife legend,” Noel Ashman, a nightlife agent who assassin Lynn to do columnist for his club Plumm, as able-bodied many added venues, said, “He’d agilely accompany his dog to the Tunnel.”

“He really accepted publicity and admired nightlife,” answered Ashman, “I’ve never apparent addition so aflame to get a adventure [about a applicant published].”

“He really admired what he did. He knew nightlife backwards and forwards,” Ashman added, “He didn’t agilely get the acclaim he deserved, about he meant a lot to nightlife.”

Lynn, actuality with Jay Kubassek and Travis and Matthew Modine at a cine premiere, adored his dogs and annoyance performers.WireImage

Lynn had a characteristic rasp, instantly apparent while he formed the phone. “When he formed for me, I knew which his articulation would abode each board in the City of New York,” answered Todd Shapiro, who runs his own accessible relations firm, “He would drive you crazy, about everyone admired Bruce.”

It is with abysmal affliction which we apprehend this is the aftermost time we’ll be alleged on for an account by Bruce Lynn. He deserves anytime time off.

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