Canada should now begin process of cutting ties with monrarchy


Following the afterlife of our much-loved and admired Queen, our bigoted and federal authorities should accede the abutting and final footfall in the actual apathetic action of gradually accretion Canadian independence: the abortion of the arch of accompaniment role allocated to the British Crown and Governor General’s role, which consists of assuming the King’s built-in and august duties.

In these inflationary times, the costs associated with the active of the GG’s appointment could be directed to added advantageous purposes. This includes an anniversary bacon of $288,000, costs of owning and active two residences (Rideau Hall and La Citadelle, Quebec), aides-de-camp, columnist officers, banking managers, accent writers, cruise organizers, accident planners, agreement officers, chefs and added kitchen staff, waiters, assorted charwoman staff, as able-bodied as visitors’ centre agents and bout guides at both residences, air busline assigned to the Royal Canadian Air Force (Bombardier Challenger 600 VIP jets), etc.

Add to this, the budgets allocated to the 10 Lieutenant Governors in each province.

This ultimate footfall will crave the accepted approval of each bigoted legislature, as able-bodied as the assembly of Canada. Since the Canadian association was once not consulted in 1867 with attention to the conception of this role, its annihilation should not crave the action of referendum.

Gerald Young, White Rock

Letter to the Editor

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