Constantine Sequel With Keanu Reeves Is Officially Happening, Director Francis Lawrence To Return

The as-yet-unnamed “Constantine 2” will see John a little older and (potentially) a little wiser, and there are dozens of stories from the comic book run that the filmmakers could draw from. While the magician and occultist managed to survive terminal lung cancer because Satan himself (Peter Stormare) intervened, he still has plenty of problems to deal with. Everyone who cares about John ends up dead, and the events of the first “Constantine” movie cemented that with the death of Chaz (Shia LeBeouf). 

Maybe John can accidentally settle down and the movie can be about the “Happy Families” story, in which Constantine has kids with a demon, or they can dig into writer Brian Azzarello’s arc that sends John to prison. There are loads of opportunities for screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to explore, and hopefully, he can match the strange tone of the first film. (That screenplay was written by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello.) 

The sequel will be produced by Goldsman with Weed Road Pictures, along with Bad Robot’s J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella. There’s no timeline on when the movie will come out yet because this news is still very fresh, but hopefully, it can be fast-tracked into all of our eyeballs sooner than later. After all, there are a million comic book movies out there, but only one franchise has a guy who had sexcapades with the spirit of an entire city. 

Please, Warner Bros., let us have a little “Constantine 2,” as a treat.

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