Crews cut hundreds of trees along Highway 2 after Bolt Creek fire leaves hillside unstable

State crews are working to reopen Highway 2 by Monday, cutting hundreds of trees in an effort to repair damage from the Bolt Creek fire and eliminate any threat of the massive arbors falling onto drivers.

US 2 remains closed near Stevens Pass as Bolt Creek fire stands ‘fairly in place’

James Poling, a spokesperson with WSDOT, told KIRO Newsradio burned trees are the greatest concern. He said there were trees up to four feet wide crashing onto the road, destabilizing the hillside and making it extremely dangerous for drivers.

“Those types of trees sometimes fell on their own,” he said. “They’d crash down 80, 90 feet, gathering speed down the hill.”

Poling said the conditions have been dangerous even for their skilled workers.

“It’s been a huge hazard for everybody working up there, and we’re very grateful for the work that they’ve done in these previous situations,” he said.

Transportation and fire officials are meeting to see if a Monday reopening is safe — or if more work needs to be done.

WSDOT says even after a reopening, the project likely involves work through November.

Check back for updates on WSDOT’s reopening timeline for Highway 2

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