Don’t Worry Darling Puts Harry Styles In The Company Of Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Cher, And Madonna

Looking at Presley’s film career — and, by extension, his music career, which continued to soar alongside his movies — it’s not hard to imagine what’s coming next for Styles. Presley, and several other singer-actors over the years including contemporaries like Justin Timberlake and Will Smith, went on to star in many major motion pictures that were hits at the box office, calling in a whole other side to his stardom. Considering Styles’ current level of success and worldwide popularity is arguably even bigger than the behemoth that was One Direction’s celebrity; it makes sense that he would continue to try to expand his reach by testing the waters with other avenues of work, like acting and building a brand (he’s doing this too, by the way, with a beauty line called Pleasing).

Honestly, if he’s going to continue working in film, I’m interested in seeing how his work evolves and improves from the foundation he has already built. He’s not winning Oscars yet, but he’s certainly better than a lot of the memes would make him out to be. And what he lacks in skill or nuance, he clearly makes up in heart and effort, as per, well, the overwhelming majority of accounts of folks who have worked with him or simply ended up crossing his path somehow. In my eyes, that’s a person who wants to learn and get better, which makes me excited for the future he will undoubtedly be awarded in this business simply because he has the status to choose to pursue it, something many talented creatives do not.

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