Entry for line to see the Queen paused for at least six hours after reaching capacity

Entry to the queue to view the Queen lying-in-state has been paused for at least six hours as the line has hit capacity, the Government has said.

By 9am on Friday morning, the queue to view the Queen’s coffin stretched for five miles from Westminster Hall to Southwark Park, with the government’s queue tracker estimating that people will be waiting at least 14 hours.

The queue infrastructure only stretches as far as Southwark Park, however a zig-zag system had been set up in the park to allow more people to join the queue.

The Government had warned on Twitter that entry to the queue would be temporarily paused once the park reaches full capacity. Capacity was reached shortly before 10pm and no-one else will be allowed to join the queue for at least six hours.

People who have not already set off on their journey are being advised to wait until a less busy time.

Today marks the second full day that the Queen’s coffin has lay-in-state at Westminster Hall, with members of the public able to come and view the coffin 24 hours per day.

Thousands of people have already waited hours through the day and night to pay their respects to Her Majesty, with many travelling from outside of the capital.

Empty train carriages are being made available across train stations in London to give people somewhere to sleep if they exit the lying-in-state in the middle of the night.

At 7.30pm tonight the Queen’s four children, King Charles III, Princess Anne and Princes Edward and Andrew, will hold a 15 minute vigil next to the Queen’s coffin.

For those who cannot travel to London in person, the lying-in-state is being live streamed on YouTube and on the BBC’s Red Button channel.

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