Ezekiel reportedly removed from WWE’s internal roster

A report has revealed that WWE has removed Ezekiel from their internal talent roster.

Ezekiel debuted in WWE in April this year and claimed to be Elias’ younger brother. The RAW Superstar entered into a feud with Kevin Owens, who refused to believe that Ezekiel was Elias’ brother and that he was Elias.

A recent report by PWInsider disclosed that after being written off the TV, Ezekiel may no longer appear on the programming. Elias has reportedly replaced Ezekiel last week on the internal talent roster.

“Ezekiel is no longer listed internally on the WWE’s roster, PWInsider.com has confirmed. The character was replaced last week with his original persona, Ezekiel’s ‘older brother’ Elias. It would appear that, as many of you have suspected, that when the time comes, the Elias character will be returning to the Raw roster while Ezekiel, who was written out due to ‘injuries’, will fade into the darkness,” said the report.

Ezekiel’s last match on RAW was against Kevin Owens, where he was given a beatdown by the former Universal Champion. Ezekiel had to be stretchered out of the arena that night.

What happened to Ezekiel’s character after being attacked by Kevin Owens on WWE RAW?

The week after being attacked by Owens on RAW, there was an update on Ezekiel’s condition.

Ezekiel appeared to be in the hospital, wearing a neck brace, and surrounded by his family, which included his brothers Elias and Elrod, his father Ernie Jr. as well as a lady, who could be Ezekiel’s mother.

With Triple H shaking things up and bringing back old characters, it remains to be seen if Ezekiel will return to the company in the future or if the character will be shelved to bring back Elias.

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