“He’s talking about things that are very, very important”

Joe Burrow has been outspoken on a number of pressing political issues. Because of that, a number of high-profile media personalities are giving the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback credit. But Shannon Sharpe has gone way beyond that, comparing Burrow to one of the greatest men of the 20th century.

Sharpe made one of the most jaw-dropping comparisons anyone has ever made concerning the former LSU National Champion QB.

On the latest episode of Undisputed, Sharpe said that the way Joe Burrow is speaking out about issues that matter to him is akin to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:

“I love it. Because he’s talking about things that are very, very important to him. I think sometimes people think that because you’re an athlete, that you shouldn’t have any [opinions], nothing else should matter other than the sport that you play. But he’s more than that.

“These are issues that, and a lot of times people say what if it doesn’t impact you? Why do you care? Because I’m a citizen, I care about other citizens in America. And he’s even in his Hall of Fame, his Hall of Fame and his Heisman Trophy, speak, Skip, he talked about poverty and hunger in his native Ohio, and Hola.”

Sharpe went on to make the comparison:

“And as Jen mentioned, in the read about how he’s been outspoken about gun control, and Roe v. Wade, these are things that are close to him. And what we found out, that when you take stance on certain issues, you’re gonna get blowback, no matter how worthy the cause is, the most hated man in America.

“A month before he died, the most hated man in the world was Dr. King. The man has gotten more quoted, only God has gotten more quotes. Everybody caught him, he got T shirts everywhere. And he was despised. Because he spoke out about things that he saw in America that were wrong”

The irony of Shannon Sharpe praising Joe Burrow for speaking out but harshly criticizing Kyrie Irving for doing the same thing. https://t.co/KErkuRe8nm

Comparing Joe Burrow to Martin Luther King Jr. is something

Where to begin! First off, to compare Joe Burrow’s current causes to what Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to accomplish is disrespectful to the latter’s legacy, as a man who fought against adversity and died for doing so.

Shannon Sharpe: Kyrie Irving should shut up about anything that doesn’t have to do with his sport.Also Shannon Sharpe: Joe Burrow is a hero, more athletes should talk about issues off the field.@ShannonSharpe @undisputed @RealSkipBayless

Joe Burrow’s opinions aren’t ones that will get him killed, and they don’t even go against what the mainstream media, Hollywood, or even his teammates. Sharpe was anything but sharp making such a outlandish comparison to Dr. King.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Undisputed with Skip and Shannon and H/T Sportskeeda.

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