Jimmer Fredette goes undercover to try out for BYU basketball

After former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning went viral by gong undercover to try our for the Penn State football team, BYU basketball released their own spin on the concept by having one of their greatest players go undercover and try out for the team.

2011 national college player of the year Jimmer Fredette went undercover to try out for the BYU basketball team in a video released by the Cougars.

Fredette spent time in the hair and makeup chair at the BYU broadcasting studio, where makeup artists transformed him from Fredette to Tim Schloss, aka “Slick Nick.”

With a new head of hair, in a hoodie with a fat suit on underneath, Fredette made his way through walk-on tryouts for Mark Pope and the Cougars, making plenty of shots along the way before revealed himself at the end of the video, much to the surprise of the other players trying out.

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