Johnny Knoxville Freaks Out ‘Celebrity Family Feud’s Steve Harvey After Tasering Teammate: “I’m Sweating”

Johnny Knoxville performed exactly as we’d expect on Celebrity Family Feud last night (September 22), whipping out a taser on his teammates and carrying out the classic Jackass antics on the season finale of the Steve Harvey game show.

While competing with the cast of Jackass Forever,  which was split into opposing teams led by Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, Dave England made the grave mistake of answering incorrectly, setting off Knoxville… and his taser.

After Harvey challenged England to “tell me something you’d hate to have happen while you’re making love in an airplane bathroom,” he replied, “you accidentally went number two in the wrong direction.”

The answer came with immediate boos from the audience, and Knoxville threw his hands up in disappointment while Harvey frowned, revealing that England’s answer was, unsurprisingly, not listed on the Celebrity Family Feud board.

Just as England told his team, “I’m sorry,” Knoxville seemingly came out of nowhere and shoved a taser right into him, making England yell and drop to the floor. He quickly recovered with the help of teammate Rachel Wolfson, and regained his composure as Knoxville told the host, “I’m sorry, Steve. That was a terrible answer.”

Harvey exclaimed in disbelief, “He tased his ass!” and added, “Man, I’m sweating,” but Knoxville was unapologetic.

“We’re gonna have to try harder, team,” he said.

Knoxville’s taser time didn’t end there, though. The Jackass leader once again called out his teammate for incorrectly answering Harvey’s questions, tasering Danger Ehren for his “stupid” reply later in the show.

“I don’t know, I can’t think straight. I’m freaking out!” Ehren said after feeling Knoxville’s wrath.

But Knoxville played fair, dishing out his own punishment to himself when he offered incorrect answers. After being told by Harvey he “got two strikes,” Knoxville zapped himself, letting out a loud “Ow!” right after. “That got me good,” he said.

Witness Knoxville’s Celebrity Family Feud antics for yourself in the video above.

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