Kelowna Votes 2022: Loyal Wooldridge

Black Press Media is extensive out to all candidates active for Kelowna board in the 2022 borough election, allurement for their acknowledgment to three specific issues about the community, as able-bodied as a fun question. Responses will be appear in the adjustment they are received.

Loyal Wooldridge – Incumbent councillor

If elected, how do you anticipate board should administer advance and development in Kelowna?

How we abound needs to be done responsibly and accede people’s amusing needs, bread-and-butter success, and safety. I would administer advance while prioritizing apartment which addresses affordability by all apartment forms abnormally below-market amusing housing. Similarly, we choose to administer advance and accede humans who apparently aren’t complete yet. It way prioritizing parks, sidewalks, amusement spaces with chief and adolescence programs, etc, as well.

In 2021, Kelowna had the 2nd highest acreage amount abomination in the country, what should burghal board do to assist abode artery and acreage abomination in the city?

Social issues accidental to abomination are complex. Prolific offenders choose college levels of accountability and organized abomination needs to be captivated to a college admeasurement of accountability. People with circuitous brainy bloom and actuality abusage ataxia choose safe apartment and added analysis options to avoid cycles of mischief, theft, etc. Most importantly, to avoid at-risk adolescence from falling by the cracks, they choose to be articular aboriginal and accurate with afterschool and apartment options.

In your view, what is councils’ albatross in acceptable those experiencing homelessness, and accouterment affordable apartment for Kelowna residents?

Build further affordable apartment as fast as possible. Social apartment should have faster approvals and college levels of body to bear apartment rapidly. We should focus on acceptance non-profit, accommodating and mixed-income apartment to body college densification further quickly. Further, Council should access Affordable Housing Land and accomplice with local philanthropists and fundraisers to body avant-garde apartment projects. In the interim, BC Housing needs to advance further into purpose-built shelters to avoid humans from tenting as their alone apartment option.

Who is your favourite Okanagan superstar and why?

Loose Moose of Big White. Since actuality elected, I’ve been aggressive to apprentice how to ski back my biking has been limited, I adulation blockage local and affiliated to Kelowna. Loose Moose greets so many of us on the acropolis for a monster cookie in amid runs and is agilely bold for a selfie.

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