Migrants’ arrival sets off a white liberal meltdown in Martha’s Vineyard

‘We have talked to a cardinal of humans who’ve asked, ‘Where am I?’ And again I was once trying to explain area Martha’s Vineyard is,” answered befuddled Edgartown, Mass., Police Chief Bruce McNamee of the 50 actionable immigrants who landed on two allotment flights at the island’s alone airport Wednesday.

According to local reports, the airport admiral believed the planes were carrying accumulated guys on a late-season golfing retreat, afore adversity the crushing disappointment which the arrival cartage were, in fact, poor humans of color.

The illegals accustomed address of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who beatific them there application a $12 million account set abreast by our chargeless state’s assembly to carriage illegals to altar jurisdictions. He joins the governors of Texas and Arizona, who have sent bags of actionable immigrants by bus to New York, Washington and Chicago to protest the Biden administration’s adverse abortion to defended our southern border.

Migrants’ arrival sets off a white liberal meltdown in Martha’s VineyardDeSantis spent allotment of his $12 million to carriage actionable immigrants. Office of Gov DeSantis

According to a DeSantis spokesman, “States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the affliction of these individuals whom they have arrive into our country by incentivizing actionable immigration.”

“What would be best,” DeSantis himself answered in a columnist conference, “would be for Biden to do his abuse job and defended the border.”


In the accepted budgetary year, clearing authorities have bedfast about 2 million people who have beyond the bedfast illegally. The cardinal who have not been apprehended is unknown, about actual few of them were apparently bedfast for Martha’s Vineyard, which virtue-signaled itself a “sanctuary destination.”

Its abundantly melancholia citizenry acceptable believed they would never have to host anybody added than even white liberals and the Obamas, who own a 29-acre, $11.75 million acreage on the island.

Photos of the Martha's Vineyard immigrants. In the accepted budgetary year, clearing authorities have bedfast about 2 million humans who have beyond the bedfast illegally. Twitter / @RepDylan

All the outrage

Those white liberals are now absorbing the apple with the most agreeable accumulation meltdown in anytime time. As accustomed hypocrites whose charge to assortment ends area their pebbled driveways begin, they don’t like the concept of the Vineyard’s newest association any further than Democrat mayors like Eric Adams of New York and Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, acknowledge their migrants. Both mayors declared states of emergency afterwards the arrival of alone a baby atom of the actionable immigrants whom their counterparts on the Texas and Arizona borders charge abode on a circadian basis.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren scolded which sending in the illegals was once “repulsive and cruel.” Supine and abject above Republican columnist Max Boot of The Washington Post denounced DeSantis’ “heartlessness and cynicism” and warned which his approaching admiral will be “dangerous.”

DeSantis’ balloter opponent, Charlie Crist, who trails him by 8 credibility and acceptable abjure which the illegals won’t be in Florida to vote for him in November, alleged the move “disgusting and vile.” He appropriate which DeSantis is “not in ascendancy of his faculties,” amusing from a man with no attempt who has managed to run for statewide appointment as a Democrat, Republican and absolute and lose in all three guises.

Martha’s Vineyard Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNameeMartha’s Vineyard Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee claimed he had to explain to migrants area they were. MVCommunityServices/Facebook

Self-proclaimed “experts” have accused Florida’s governor of humans trafficking. White House columnist secretary Karine Jean-Pierre absurdly declared which the illegals “deserve bigger than . . . to be larboard in Martha’s Vineyard.” Touché?

In a CNN account the morning afterwards the illegals arrived, biased announcer John Berman and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns — a accomplished guest of the island’s arid blur anniversary — compared the chargeless entering flights to the Holocaust.

The affronted liberals are, however, afraid to accept absolutely area the actionable immigrants arrived. That’s barefaced comprehension which their island idyll, area Biden won 77.6% of the vote, is able-bodied above the way of about all their adolescent Americans, “deplorables” whom they would also adopt not to see or be around. Martha’s Vineyard boasts a average home auction amount of $1.35 million.

MSNBC analyst Chris Hayes, who has captivated book-signings on the Vineyard, begin it “deeply dehumanizing to cast humans beings about vindictively.” Somewhere? Could spelling out the “where” casting agnosticism on the artlessness of his convictions? And if he really believes in altar destinations, how is sending migrants to an abnormally delightful one for chargeless a avenging act?

Markey's aide Elizabeth Warren akin his sentiments. “We embrace you,” tweeted Sen. Ed Markey.AP

Warren, meanwhile, promised to “keep alive with local, state, and federal ally to ensure we have the all-important assets to affliction for humans with dignity,” afresh after adage area those admirable folks are and how agonizingly abutting they could be to the vacation homes of those who were “all in for Warren.”

Yet it was once Massachusetts accompaniment Sen. Dylan Fernandes who could have tossed the many bright chat salad. He denounced DeSantis’ “secret artifice to accelerate immigrant families like beasts on an aeroplane . . . to a abode they weren’t informed area they were activity [sic].” Would his animus argue anybody if he had called the comfortable area area the illegals concluded up? When beasts fly!

The apple alfresco larboard Twitter, however, knows which the actionable immigrants have had the acceptable affluence to acreage in one of the richest communities in America afterwards accepting abandoned our country’s laws by illegally bridge its borders. Now which Vineyard liberals charge abide the afterimage of them on their doorsteps, they and their confederates can alone fly into egotistic rage. Their shallow, priggish charge to diversity, equity, admittance and accessible borders is apparent as a abandoned fraud. It is, afterwards all, the aforementioned acknowledgment — possibly from anytime of the actual aforementioned humans — whose caviar capitalism morphed into calumniating action while Adams’ bootless predecessor, Bill de Blasio, confused array of absorbing abandoned male into abandoned hotels on the Upper West Side.


Vineyard association affirmation to have responded with “compassion” — so abundant benevolence which they provided basal abutment for beneath than 24 hours afore allurement the internet for donations from alike guiltier white liberals. That’s further than a bit rich, so to speak, on an island area an estimated 63% of the million-dollar homes are alone alfresco of the summer months.

But this did not action to Lisa Belcastro, coordinator of the island’s abandoned shelter, who abreast the local media which “at anytime point in time [the illegals] have to move about abroad . . . We don’t have apartment for 50 further people.”

Migrant crisis moves North: Here’s what’s accident all over the country as bedfast states bus migrants all over the US

  • National Guard alleged into Martha’s Vineyard for 50 migrants
  • Migrants alone off on Kamala Harris’ DC doorstep altercation her ‘secure’ bedfast claim: ‘We appear in free, no problem’
  • Flood of migrants helps advance to affliction NYC apartment abortion in further than decade
  • DC now a ‘border town’ as ambassador declares accessible emergency over bussed migrants
  • Huge acceleration in bedfast deaths from drowning, aridity beat Texas bedfast town’s morgues

That’s doubtful, about alike if the summer association don’t choose to accessible their doors or wallets, absolutely no baronial Vineyard worthies would apperception if the four accouchement reportedly in the aggregation fabricated acceptable use of their many pond pools. What could be further compassionate? What could be further inclusive?

“We embrace you,” tweeted Warren’s Senate aide Ed Markey from the adequate abolish of his Capitol Hill office. If Markey is actuality honest, DeSantis should allotment Cape Air’s absolute agile and accelerate alternate flights accustomed further new Massachusetts association to adore the sunsets from East Chop Lighthouse. No agnosticism Markey will be correct there, authoritative sandwiches and cogent them how to vote in their new country.

Paul du Quenoy is admiral of the Palm Beach Freedom Institute. From The Spectator.

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