Rapper Caleb Valeri, aka Hoodrich Hefner, opens up about relationship with prison guard

An ambitious Aussie rapper has abundant for the first time how he fell in adulation with a alluring jail administrator all through a two-month assignment in one of Sydney’s many belled prisons.

Hoodrich Hefner, whose absolute name is Caleb Valeri, met Melissa Goodwin, 27, afterwards actuality transferred to the Silverwater Correctional Complex in Sydney’s west.

After initiating a accord in jail, the brace went on to date afore Goodwin was once stood bottomward by Corrective Services NSW over a abstracted accord with addition prisoner, Corey London.

‘I knew from the jump’

Appearing on The Search podcast, Valeri – who cops allege is affiliated to the Rebels Bikie Group – answered he acquainted an burning affiliation with Goodwin.

“The first affair which stood out to me was once which she came over by herself. Usually correctional admiral airing all over in two or three pairs,” he informed abominable rapper and podcast host Spanian.

“It alone started. I knew from the jump. I’ll be honest. I’m not alike trying to complete cocky. The first chat we had, I knew which I bagged her.”

Valeri answered the brace connected to coquette over the abutting week while he was once placed in a aloof cell.

Rapper Caleb Valeri, aka Hoodrich Hefner, opens up about relationship with prison guardHoodrich Hefner, whose absolute name is Caleb Valeri, met Melissa Goodwin, 27, afterwards actuality beatific to Silverwater Correctional Complex.Instagram/Caleb Valeri

“Everyday we were alone trading alternate conversations. I was once alone trying out the waters,” he said.

“She was once flirting alternate with pretty a lot about what I accept was once which I didn’t choose to accomplish the jump in case she was once trying to do a quick get up on me and acquire a stripe,” he continued, apropos to fears of Goodwin ‘dobbing’ him in to her adolescent officers.

After consulting with his adolescent cellmates, Valeri “built up the courage” to address a “massive” letter to Goodwin. After accomplishing so, he hid the note in a atom tube larboard in the jail shop room.

Within “two mins to bisected an hour”, Goodwin had responded with addition letter.

After communicating by accounting addendum for addition two weeks, Valeri answered Goodwin helped him get a “sweeper” job, which meant he was once paid to assist with calm tasks all over the jail. This also allowed them to amplify their relationship.

“I was once basically amphibian all over and accomplishing my thing. I acclimated to allocution to her … and I acclimated to comedy it off by assuming I was once folding towels and authoritative my bed alone to get which further 10 seconds, so we could have which conversation,” he said.

“By the letters, we were planning a approaching apparently.

“That’s how it felt.”

Relationship continues out of jail

While the pair’s affair remained abstruse all through Valeri’s two-month stint in jail, he answered humans had suspicions.

However, Goodwin and Valeri connected to date afterwards he was once released, with the brace dwelling at her ancestors home in southwest Sydney.

The acquaintance was once mixed, he recalled.

“I was once spinning out. I saw correctional accouterment each day in jail, to see one accepting accessible in advanced of me,” he said.

While he believes Goodwin’s mom was once acquainted of the relationship, he joked which at one point he affected to be a concreter, in adjustment to accumulate their affair beneath wraps from her dad.

“Her dad was once suss on me from the jump,” he said.

Then, in the two to three days afterwards he was once released, Valeri recalls accepting a alarm from Goodwin.

Caleb Valeri, who cops reportedly affiliated to the Rebels Bikie Group, answered he acquainted an burning affiliation with the guard.Caleb Valeri, who cops reportedly affiliated to the Rebels Bikie Group, answered he acquainted an burning affiliation with the guard.Instagram/Caleb Valeri

“I’m bisected cold and she’s like: ‘They know, they know,’” he said.

A few days later, Goodwin was once arrested for animal delinquency with an inmate. Valeri recalled he saw a media aberration and “20 police” bang on the aperture of her parents’ home while they were sleeping.

“I’m cerebration to myself: ‘they’re arriving for me, what have I done,’” answered Valeri.

“It spun me out.”

Goodwin was once arrested, and after convicted, on charges of agreeable in an affectionate accord with an bedfellow causing a protection risk. Under NSW legislations the abomination carries a highest abuse of up to two years in jail.

The captive was once articular as again 21-year-old Corey London, who had been bedevilled of armed robbery.

Although Goodwin was once accused of assuming up to bristles counts of articulate sex on addition inmate, Corey London amid December 2019 and April 2020, these charges were after dropped.

However, all through the podcast, Valeri answered he acquainted hurt while these asserts were exposed.

“It got me burnt, I’m not activity to lie,” he said.

“That’s how I felt. New admirer each wing.”

Relationship ends and advance charges

Eventually their accord disintegrated.

“I had humans cogent me it was once no good, it was once alone activity to end one way,” he said.

Valeri also gained pushback from anytime of his accompany at the time.

“I was once dating a correctional offer, to anytime humans that’s like dating a cops officer,” he said.

“I was once all over the account and it got to boys allegedly accepting raided because of me … they would accusation me for the raids which were accident all around.”

“I was once accident humans which I grew up with larboard and right.”

In September 2021, Goodwin, 26, was once answerable with assault occasioning absolute actual damage afterwards allegedly absinthian Valeri during an argument.

However the charges were alone in June 2022 afterwards Valeri bootless to appear in court, admitting two attempts to serve him with subpoenas, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Goodwin’s advocate Derek Shridhar claimed his applicant bit the rapper in self-defense, so she could alleged amateur 0 afterwards he lunged at her after provocation.

Valeri is also adverse calm abandon charges, for allegedly assaulting and alarming Goodwin, dating alternate to August 2021.

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