Release date and time, where to read, what to expect, and more

The plot of the series is getting more confusing with each new chapter, so fans hope Tokyo Revengers chapter 271 will be able to give them some answers once it is officially released. There is still a long wait before we can reunite with Shinichiro in the original timeline of the series, where we will finally learn how he was able to time-leap.

In the last chapter, we were finally told why Shinichiro became desperate for a way to save Mikey in the original timeline. The existence of a third time-leaper was also revealed, although it is still unknown who this mysterious man is. Tokyo Revengers chapter 271 will focus on Shinichiro’s encounter with the original time-leaper in the original timeline. Continue reading to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers manga series.

Shinichiro’s quest to find the third time-leaper will begin in Tokyo Revengers chapter 271

When will the chapter come out? Where can you read it?

Release date and time, where to read, what to expect, and more
Baji in the original timeline (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Tokyo Revengers chapter 271 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, October 5, at around 12 midnight JST. The chapter will take a few hours to be translated for international fans to read and enjoy. Below, you will find a table containing the times at which the chapter will become available, according to your time zone.

  • Pacific Daylight time – 9:00 am, October 4th
  • Central Daylight time – 11:00 am, October 4th
  • Eastern Daylight time – 12:00 pm, October 4th
  • British Summer time – 5:00 pm, October 4th
  • Central European Summer time– 6:00 pm, October 4th
  • Indian Standard time – 9:30 pm, October 4th
  • Philippine time – 12:00 am, October 5th
  • Australian Central Daylight time – 2:00 am, October 5th

Fans will have the chance to enjoy Tokyo Revengers chapter 271 via Azuki, Comixology Unlimited, Inkr, Inkypen, Kindle Unlimited, and Mangamo. These platforms require a small fee before allowing users to read the latest chapter. We advise fans to use these services, as doing so supports the manga’s official release.

What to expect from Tokyo Revengers chapter 271?

Shinichiro after Mikey's death (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Shinichiro after Mikey’s death (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

According to rumors Shinichiro heard from a local gang, there is a homeless man who claims to be a time-leaper. The older Sano boy is determined to meet this mysterious man, hoping to find a way to save Manjiro from his tragic fate. Fans already know that Shinichiro will somehow achieve this goal, although it is not clear yet how.

Still, the biggest mystery concerning this third time-leaper is his identity. Fans have come up with a plethora of theories about who this enigmatic man could be, with the most popular theory claiming that Hanma is the person behind everything that has happened in the series. Due to his baffling behavior, the young delinquent has always been a source of controversy in the community.

Hanma as seen in the anime (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Hanma as seen in the anime (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

If Hanma truly taught Shinichiro how to time travel, many mysteries that revolve around the boy would be solved. This could explain how he and Kisaki were aware of the existence of time-leapers before many important characters in the franchise. No matter who the third time-leaper ends up being, fans are almost certain they will appear in Tokyo Revengers chapter 271.

What happened in chapter 270?

Takeomi in the original timeline (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Takeomi in the original timeline (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Tokyo Revengers chapter 270 started with Shinichiro and Baji talking in the former’s car as they headed to the prison where Sanzu would be released from. According to Baji, Haruchiyo was imprisoned for attacking his friends with a sword. Shinichiro explained that Sanzu was only defending Mikey from mockery. After picking up Haruchiyo, the group headed to the hospital.

There, they visited Mikey, who looked extremely ill and fragile. A month later, Manjiro passed away, leaving a broken Shinichiro behind. Takeomi invited the young man to have some drinks. Once in the bar, Shinichiro heard a gang talk about a time traveler, which interested him, and he beat the gang members up for refusing to give him information.

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