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Many of us have huge family—lots of cousins and extended family and some of us have only a few, if any, relatives at all. In The Secrets of Bella Vista, a woman discovers she has a half-sister and has inherited part of an apple orchard from a side of her family she didn’t know existed.

Here’s everything we know about The Secrets of Bella Vista including exclusive sneak peek images and clip!

What is The Secrets of Bella Vista about?

Always-on-the-go antiques expert Tess Delaney (Rachelle Lefevre) gets surprising news by estate executor Damhnaic McAuley (Niall Matter) that she has inherited half of an apple orchard from the father she never knew and has a half-sister named Isabel (Helena Marie) she didn’t know about. When Tess visits the orchard and connects with her new-found family, she learns that the orchard is deep in debt. Using her knowledge as an antiques expert, Tess and Isabel work to unravel the mystery of their grandmother’s “treasure” that could hold the key to saving the orchard. In the process, Tess ultimately finds a new understanding of herself.

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