The Murder That Took Place Midway Through A Documentary

Documentaries that change focus in such a sharp way present a world of challenges for the filmmakers, but from the rave Sundance reviews and this trailer, it looks like Sullivan figured out the right direction to take. The director came under some scrutiny in 2020, when the film was supposed to be released worldwide, because two of the participants said they had not consented to being a part of the documentary. They also said that because of the nature of everything that happened, that the upcoming release of the film with them in it was a major source of stress and renewed trauma. One of the participants, Anja Olsen, was shown in the original cut of the documentary being physically threatened by Madsen. Olsen and the other participant, who wished to remain anonymous, were supported by one of the documentary’s cinematographers, Cam Matheson, who withdrew from the film after the murder took place. 

While there’s no word on how the unwilling participants were edited out, the folks at Netflix at least feel comfortable enough with the edits to release the documentary. The trailer looks excellent, and these kinds of true crime stories in real time are deeply unusual, so Netflix could have another documentary hit on its hands. 

“Into the Deep” premieres on Netflix on September 30, 2022. 

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