The Rings Of Power Brings Back The Lord Of The Rings’ Majestic Walking Songs

All throughout “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit,” Tolkien included dozens of songs for all occasions. There are funny songs to lighten the mood in an otherwise dark and dramatic journey, like Sam’s song about trolls, or everything Tom Bombadil did, there are solemn songs about war, loss, and sorrow, legends being told through poems and songs, and so much more. Tolkien, who studied mythology and history all his life, understood the importance of oral history, particularly in song form, and made sure Middle-earth had filled with songs that passed down legend and history.

Though the movies only barely touched upon this — there’s only one funny hobbit drinking song, half of a walking song, and Pippin’s heartbreaking song to Denethor, “The Hobbit” did give us the utterly excellent “The Misty Mountains” song. Now, “The Rings of Power” is bring back not only song, but especially the walking song back, and it’s all thanks to the harfoots.

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