What time will the queue start again? How long queuing for the Queen’s lying-in-state has been paused today

Tens of thousands of people have queued for many hours to pay their respects to Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall.

However, the public queue for the lying-in-state was paused on Friday after reaching its maximum capacity.

The late monarch’s coffin is being ahead of her state funeral, and has been in place since a procession on Wednesday.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has been running a live online tracker map, but this service has been temporarily suspended – here’s the latest on when it will return.

When will the queue start again?

Just before 10am on Friday 16 September, the Government announced that the public queue would be paused for at least six hours, which means it will not resume until around 4pm at the earliest.

The DCMS warned mourners not to attempt to join the queue at Southwark Park in south-east London.

Prior to the suspension, the official estimate for queuing time had reached at least 14 hours, after growing to almost five miles long by Friday morning.

It tweeted: “Southwark Park has reached capacity. Entry will be paused for at least 6 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please do not attempt to join the queue until it re-opens.”

Tens of thousands of mourners have queued to see the Queen’s lying-in-state (Photo: Reuters)

However, there was confusion on the ground as hundreds of people continued to file through the gate into the park, with one attendant telling the Press Association that they had yet to receive an order to bar entry.

The Government had warned that Southwark Park had become “extremely busy” before making the decision to suspend entry.

But hundreds of people were witnessed continuing to enter the park despite the Government’s online warning.

The DCMS has been running the live tracking map below as a guide to both the physical length of the queue and estimated waiting times for the lying-in-state:

However, this service was suspended after the pause was announced, with the feed instead telling mourners not to attempt to join the queue, and to check back for further updates.

How long is the Queen lying in state?

The Queen’s lying-in-state will end at 6.30am on Monday – the day of her funeral.

Westminster Hall will be open 24 hours a day until that point, allowing people to pay their respects through the night.

People who wish to attend Westminster Hall were advised in advance that they would have to stand for many hours, and might have to wait overnight.

After it reopens, when you reach the back of the queue, you will be given a coloured and numbered wristband.

This is a record of when you joined the queue, but does not guarantee you entry to the lying-in-state.

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You must keep this wristband on at all times as it will be checked along the route, and wristbands are non-transferable.

Your wristband also allows you to leave the queue for a short period to use a toilet or get refreshments, then return to your place in the queue. Public toilets, drinking water and first aid stations are available at designated locations along the queue route.

It is advised that there will be very little opportunity to sit down because the queues are likely to be continuously moving, with a first-come-first-served policy in place.

The lying in state will be open 24 hours a day until closing at 6.30am on Monday, ahead of the Queen’s state funeral in Westminster Abbey.

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