Why Don’t Worry Darling’s Action-Packed Ending Was So Challenging To Shoot [Exclusive]

The last fifteen minutes of “Don’t Worry Darling” is when the danger for Alice starts to set in. After discovering she was stripped of her agency to live in a simulated “paradise,” her pattern of rebellious behavior has made her a fugitive within the Victory community. With the encouragement of her friend Bunny (Olivia Wilde), Alice decides to make a run for it.

If only it were only that easy. The only way to escape the simulation is to reach a beacon in the middle of the desert. When Alice decides to commandeer her husband Jack’s (Harry Styles) Corvette, a classic, cinematic car chase ensues. Since the first two acts of the film stay mostly in psychological thriller territory, this is a big shift in tone. According to Libatique, there was actually no second unit director on set, a role that would normally handle action-sequences such as these. This left Wilde and Libatique to collaborate and research how to accomplish this scene together.

“She was so excited about shooting this sequence and as a cinematographer, I didn’t want it to fail … I’m not a second unit director, and Olivia isn’t really an action director either, but we did our due diligence. We did the research. We just compiled a bunch of sequences and started to pick apart things that we liked. That was the biggest, not hurdle, but was the biggest concern for me. It’s like, okay, so many times you just don’t want the third act disappointing on a film. It’s meant to keep people in their seats and have them eating the last bit of popcorn. We just wanted to make sure that we would service that. I think it does.”

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